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We’re not trying to go where the music industry has been, we're aligned to where it's going.

Digitally Branded

The world has enough record labels. Or does it? As the Internet continues its steady march of reshaping the music industry, larger corporations are gobbling up smaller labels and a void is forming. The boom of home studios has also started an enormous shift in the way music is produced. The old norm of signing to a large label who paid for your record to be recorded and produced in large studios is vanishing as the bar of entry for creating professional music is lowering.

Enter Digitally Branded. We understand where music delivery is headed. The next generation of music buyers or subscribers have grown up in a world of digital consumption. Physical copies are less important to the new generation, but, still hold a special place in the hearts of the 30 and over crowd. Also, with the resurgence of vinyl, a new balanced approach is in order. Our approach is the majority of music delivered is done so digitally. However, we do offer limited runs of CDs and vinyl to make sure however it is the consumer wants to purchase their music, we have them covered.

The Internet has widened the potential audience. No longer are you relegated to your country of origin, which is why our digital distribution network spans the globe. With distribution to over 750 digital music stores worldwide the music ends up exactly where it needs to be. At the fingertips of consumers worldwide. We''re not trying to go where the music industry has been, we are aligned to where it is going.


We love all kinds of music here at Digitally Branded. But we've placed an emphasis on electronic music.
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