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Synthwave artist - Philadelphia, PA
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Kent Hertzog has always been a huge fan of music. As a young child, he learned how to use the family turntable before he could read or write. Music has always been very dear to his heart. Raised in a suburban nuclear household, he lived the 1980’s version of The American Dream. His father was a teacher and his mother a stay-at-home mom. His parents were always very supportive of his creative endeavors, and in high school, his love for music was channeled into DJing. Then using two turntables and a mixer, Kent took on his first alter ego, DJ Luciano. Kent achieved moderate success in his musical projects, getting to work with some of the larger names in the hip-hop community.

While attending The Art Institute of Philadelphia, he started making the transition from DJing to musical production. As his horizons were widening, so were his musical opportunities. After graduating college, he got the chance to work as a recording engineer in a Manhattan recording studio started by industry veteran Thomas “Big Wiggs” Wilson. Kent continued honing his craft and was able to produce music for some of the artists who came through the studio.

But Kent’s heart was still back in Philadelphia, so as 2004 was coming to a close, he packed up and moved back to the city of Brotherly Love. Upon arriving in Philadelphia, the creative juices started flowing again. Branching out from only producing for hip-hop artists and incorporating his love for vintage 1980’s synthesizers, he began experimenting in different genres of music.

As life moved right along, in 2006 Kent married the love of his life, Natalia. The two of them decided they had seen enough city living for a bit and decided to relocate to the suburbs to also be closer to Kent’s family. This turned out to be a decision Kent now cherishes. Kent and his father, Noel, spent a great deal of time together since they were now living so close together. On the evening of November 25th, 2012, Kent was at his parents house helping his father upload a family photo for the 2012 Christmas cards he was going to print. What came next was a total shock. Noel suffered a massive brain aneurysm. While he initially survived it, he ultimately succumbed to complications on February 8, 2013.

This forever changed Kent and drove him into his home studio as a place to help deal with the emotions he was experiencing. This is where Von Hertzog was born. The music began flowing out of him, and in a matter of 14 days, he had 10 songs to show. He kept composing and in the end had written over 20 songs which were whittled down to the final 12 tracks that eventually became Dearly Departed. The album became a tribute to Kent’s late father. The music was born out of the most emotionally tumultuous time of his life. It represents the death of one stage of his life and the birth of another. So while the name Von Hertzog may sound new, it comes from a long musical background that is still evolving. His style as Von Hertzog is Electronic and tends to lean towards Synthwave. On May 19, 2015 he plans to release his second album entitled “Sincerely Yours”.

Von Hertzog - Pyramids

Von Hertzog - Infinite

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